Retread Pattern Range

Below is our range of Retread Tyre Patterns, to download our brochure click here.

  • 140/13.0mm
  • 160/14.0mm
  • 170/14.0mm
  • 180/14.5mm
Designed as an all position fitment delivering high mileage for light commercial vehicles whether on in-city or inter-city operation.
  • 203/19.0mm
A deep 4 rib pattern suitable for vehicles with stop/start type applications such as bus and waste haul.
  • 140/13.0mm
  • 150/14.0mm
  • 160/15.0mm
  • 180/16.0mm
An aggressive drive pattern for light commercial on sealed or unsealed roads. Ideal rural fitment.
  • 220/19.0mm
  • 230/19.0mm
  • 250/19.0mm
A 5 rib pattern that gives high mileage particularilly in long haul (inter-city), where traction is not a priority.
  • 140/12.0mm
  • 150/12.0mm
  • 160/13.0mm
  • 180/15.0mm
A traction design that gives good mileage/ traction and puncture resistance. Ideal for industrial hoist application.
  • 203/17.0mm
  • 220/17.0mm
  • 230/17.0mm
Deep 3 rib pattern with wide grooves to (enhance stone ejection) and wide centre rib, for protection against stone penetration.
  • 180/15.0mm
  • 195/15.5mm
  • 203/15.5mm
  • 220/15.5mm
  • 230/15.5mm
An all-position rib pattern designed for on and off road applications. *(Sealed and unsealed roads).
  • 295/14.5mm
  • 330/14.5mm
  • 370/14.5mm
A wing design giving resistance to tread shoulder tearing where extremely tight turning is necessary. This 5 rib tread gives high mileage and stability.
  • 203/12.0mm
  • 220/12.0mm
  • 230/12.0mm
A shallow (12mm) light tread specially designed for trailer application on low profile tyres.
  • 220/21mm
  • 230/21mm
  • 250/21mm
This directional tread and enhanced self cleaning ability delivers good mileage on both on and off road. *(Sealed and unsealed roads).
  • 220/19.5mm
  • 230/19.5mm
  • 250/19.5mm
An open non-directional drive axle tread for increased mileage and wet grip in line haul. *(Inter-city applications).
  • 170/15mm
  • 180/16.5mm
  • 190/16.5mm
  • 200/17.0mm
  • 215/18.0mm
A cut and tear resistant compound for aggressive traction for off road. *(Unsealed road applications).
  • 180/16mm
  • 194/16mm
  • 210/20mm
  • 220/20mm
  • 230/20mm
  • 250/20mm
A deep all-weather drive pattern combining both high mileage and traction.
  • 205/25.0mm
  • 220/25.0mm
  • 230/25.0mm
A very deep and aggressive pattern for on/off *(mostly unsealed) road conditions where protection from stone damage and penetration such as logging and quarry application.
  • 200/21.0mm
  • 220/21.0mm
  • 230/21.0mm
  • 240/21.0mm
A deep aggressive drive axle tread with open shoulder to allow self cleaning. Not recommended for high speed applications.
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What is my tyre size?

Look on the side of your car tyre for the markings such as width, ratio and diameter.

How to read your tyre

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