Race Car Specs

Chassis: 2006 888 BF Falcon
Engine: 302 Windsor Stroked to 6.0 Litre
Electronics: Motec M800
Gearbox: 6 speed holinger sequential with gear cut
Diff: Ford 9” Detroit Locker
Clutch: AP Triple Plate Carbon
Brakes: Front Alcon 6 piston caliper with 375mm vented discs rear Alcon 4 piston caliper with 343mm vented discs
Wheels: Autoart 18x11 front and 18x13 rear
Suspension: Sachs 4 way adjustable coil over
Roll Bars: Front and rear cockpit adjustable twin blade
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What is my tyre size?

Look on the side of your car tyre for the markings such as width, ratio and diameter.

How to read your tyre

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