Nitrogen Filled Car Tyres

Tyres are made of rubber which is a porous material, over time rubber will let air molecules out of the tyre causing tyres to lose pressure. Nitrogen is denser than compressed air making it harder to escape through the rubber which means your tyres will hold pressure up to three times longer than compressed air.

Incorrect tyres pressures are the biggest cause of excess tyre wear, not to mention your fuel economy.

Secondly compressed air has a moisture content, that when hot expands, causing excess heat build up, another big factor in excess tyre wear.  Nitrogen is a dry gas with no moisture content which in turn keeps your tyres cooler therefore improves performance and tyre wear.

All these advantages only come when your nitrogen content is 95% or higher.  Most tyre shops will fill your tyres from a nitrogen bottle which gives 60-70% purity.  At Carters Tyres we have a special nitrogen generator machine which purges the tyres automatically to above 95% purity.

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What is my tyre size?

Look on the side of your car tyre for the markings such as width, ratio and diameter.

How to read your tyre

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