Retread Tyres for Sale

Here at Carters we have our own retread factory manufacturing one of the markets top retread brands “Goodway” this enables us to ensure that you are receiving the best quality retreads for your dollar whilst not compromising safety or performance.


Retread Tyres help the environment

"I don't know of any other recycled product that saves as much money for the end user as a retreaded tyre. When you add these savings into the natural resources that are saved and the positive impact this has on the environment, using retreads is a win win solution for both the transportation industry and the environment."

Martin Bozarth
Executive director of the International Tyre and Rubber Association


Contact our commercial retread experts for the right advice and more information for the right choice for your fleet.


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What is my tyre size?

Look on the side of your car tyre for the markings such as width, ratio and diameter.

How to read your tyre

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KOBA Batteries is proud to be the battery supplier to Carter's Tyres. We have automotive, commercial marine and deep cycle batteries available.

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