Tread True

It’s Who We Are, And What We Do.

We offer the top brands of tyres with friendly, professional service to match. But we don’t stop there. Our innovative management systems are a world first, providing unprecedented predictive models for estimating tyre wear, maintenance and replacement schedules based on cost per kilometre (CPK), not just cost per tyre (CPT).
In other words, we offer you ‘cradle to grave’ solutions on every single tyre in your fleet at a glance – to keep your people and vehicles safer, and save you money too.

We’re here to help you carry the load.

When it comes to all things tyres, we’re trusted and true to our customers and our roots. We strive to provide excellent service with honesty, truth and transparency. We don’t manufacture tyres which means we’re always unbiased and fiercely independent – and we pride ourselves on offering you the best solution for the job in hand.

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Do You Manage a Fleet?

Carter’s Tyre Service makes finding the right solution for your fleet easy.

We’ve Got Just The Career For You!

Carter’s Accelerator is just one of our commitments to that future – a fully-funded training programme for up to 20 talented kiwi school leavers every year.

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