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Here at Carter’s Tyre Service, we have two retread factories, both manufacturing GOODYEAR- one of the market’s top retread brands. By carrying out the process ourselves, we ensure that you receive only the best quality retreads for your dollar – without compromising on safety or performance.
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  • Carter’s Tyre Service holds the ISO45001 international health and safety standard resulting in a high level of health and safety compliance across the business .
  • Previously attaining ISO4801,18001 and tertiary level in the old ACC accredited employer programme.
  • Carter’s Tyre Service receives five independent audits per year and encourage a high level of worker participation at all levels of the business.
  • We’ve also set up our own distribution network, giving total control over the retread supply chain. Containers of new tyres are shipped direct to our plants and delivered through our own freight network – so you’ll always be well serviced.
“I don’t know of any other recycled product that saves as much money for the end-user. When you add these savings into the natural resources that are saved and the positive impact this has on the environment, using retreads is a win-win solution for both the transportation industry and the environment.”
Martin Bozarth
Executive director of the International Tyre and Rubber Association.
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