Retread Process

The advances in retreading have seen it become a leading and valuable player in vehicle fleet safety. The process itself is simple enough too, carried out in 8 easy stages:

Initial Inspection

We perform non-destructive testing on all casings, running an electric current thought the tyre to pick up any small faults.


The casing is inflated to its operational shape. This process removes the worn tread surface, trues up the roundness and prepares the surface for a new tread.


Any damaged material identified during initial inspection is removed and repairs are made, essentially returning the casing to a useful life.

Applying cushion

An uncured bonding layer is extruded onto the prepared casing surface and all skives are filled. The casing is now ready for a new tread.


A new tread is automatically applied with precise attention to detail. The tread must be straight and perfectly centred on the casing.


The assembled, uncured tire is encased in an elastic envelope and prepared for curing.


The curing chamber causes the bonding layer in the tire to cure and permanently adhere the new tread.

Final Inspection

A last visual, hands-on inspection is repeated to ensure our quality specifications are fully met.

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