Fleet Technology

Our innovative digital approach to tyre solutions has transformed traditional fleet management to provide you with transparency across your entire fleet – nationally and in real time. This smart technology not only guarantees costs savings, it also keeps your fleet safer, and enables unprecedented automated predictive forecasting to optimise operational output of every single truck in your fleet.

How It Works

Rich data sets provide accurate real-time information on each and every tyre in your fleet. Our tech then collates this comprehensive information, including; truck configuration, transport application, tyre positioning, geographic terrain, brand and tyre pattern, and tyre tread details (tread of a tyre is manually measured using the latest Bluetooth measuring tools at depots nationwide – all measurements are taken at the lowest point of a tyre to support decision making by a fleet technician).
Using all this data and combining it with active GPS data on the kilometres travelled by fleets on their journeys throughout New Zealand, Carter’s Technology is then able to forecast in real-time the pull point of a tyre.

Carter’s Technology enables:

Real-time (24/7) monitoring of tread wear.

Up to 15% more tread use per tyre
  • reducing CPK and the environmental footprint
Data capabilities inclusive of historical information to:
  • Forecast tyre wear
  • Plan off-road time
  • Plan End-user
  • Maintenance
  • Manage Tyre-stock control
Optimisation of the distance travelled by each tyre while guaranteeing the full life of the tyre is met
Automated Reporting based on actual data providing clear transparency on tyre and maintenance costs
Automated notifications via email on tyre replacement and torqueing

Carter’s Technology disrupts traditional Fleet Management Operations through their revolutionized data management automation that not only delivers savings up to 30% in CPK, makes fleets saver but also drives environment progress for this industry.

Carter’s can vastly improve your Fleet Management Operations through revolutionised data management automation that can deliver up to 30% in cost per kilometre savings while making fleets safer and driving environment progress for this industry.  Carter’s innovative digital approach to providing tyre solutions has transformed traditional fleet management to provide fleet managers with transparency, in real-time, to their entire fleet nationally.

GPS Integration

The last thing to be delivered in E-Roads new Platform is the API integrator. This will allow us to deliver exceptions by a traffic light system, for example:

Real Result

By disrupting traditional Fleet Management Operations, this revolutionised data management system not only delivers savings up to 30% in CPK, it also makes your fleet safer and drives environment progress for the industry.

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